VIDEO: Missing dog found 12 years later and 1,000 miles away is reunited with overjoyed owner

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Microchip service fees? To just not delete the contact info from a database? Nobody deletes customer data these days.

Anyway, welcome home pupper!


The sad thing is that 12 years may be a significant part of the dog’s life, so their reunion may not be too long.

Pokey turns 13 on Wednesday, and he’s slowing down. That 's a good life for a Labrador.

But then I was missing for six minutes months this year, I’ve slowed down too.

Oddly,my birthday is exactly a week later.


I really, really, really, really, really hope this isn’t some…

Do microchip service fees exist? My rescue dog came with a chip and after I registered it I didn’t give it much of a thought. I’m somewhere between feeling bad for this owner being taken for a ride and a sinking feeling that I should start paying…


Medicalert has an annual fee, something I never thought about until my sister suggested I get one. So it’s not so odf that dog chips carry an annual fee. In both cases the service is if you need it, not the chip or bracelet. Maybe overpriced, but surely some level of cost is involved with keeping the information, and supplying it if you collapse or your dog is found.

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After 12 years, Duchess doesn’t seem terribly enthusiastic.

Not to speculate on Duchess or her guardian in particular, I wonder how many pets run away for legitimate and justifiable reasons (neglect, abuse, etc)?

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Yeah, you usually need to pay a yearly fee (probably to maintain the database and pay employees, so I get that). I feel like the fee wasn’t too unreasonable when we had our critters.

Maybe he had all kinds of great adventures over the 12 years, hitting hard times only right at the end.

Or, he’s been gone so long that he barely remembers her. If true, I would hope that after spending more time with her, the memories will come back.


This was my first thought. A college pal of mine was devastated when she went home for winter break and her horse seemed to have forgotten a great deal after six months apart. If not for pictures and notes, I’d have a hard time remembering what was going on 12 years ago.

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It was a bit hard to tell if Dutchess remembered since they held the dog so firmly. It would have been much more polite to let her down and get over to her former owner at her own pace.


That’s true. Pokey is tolerant about people patting him, then finds a bush or tree to be more interested in. But every so often someone comes along who just plunges in without asking, and knows just the right way to pat him and engage him. And that’s when the tail really wags, and I can see he is very happy.

The woman is holding the dog so tight that the dog is unable to wag its tail or show the usual ways they show interest.



Is it a scam?

I hope it’s not scams all the way down

Huh. Neither of the companies that registered my pets (PetLink and Pet Finder) required any maintenance fees.

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I’m registered with a couple of microchip registries. AFAICT, they make their money from add-on services and opt-out advertising. They don’t charge for just having a record in their database.

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