Video of dog trained to prevent knife attacks

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Do not, repeat—NOT attempt to prepare food in the presence of this dog.


It would have been a better demonstration if ALL of the other people were wearing the dogbite suits…The dog was obviously keyed on the guy who was wearing one, and just waiting for him to pull out the knife.

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I’d like to see a bunch of guys the dog didn’t know with their dogbite suits under bright-colored track suits floating around and randomly pulling knives. The trainer guy was acting far too much like a high-pressure salesman to be believed.

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I would have been more impressed if the dog had started laughing, and then said “That’s not a knife; THIS… is a knife” and pulled out a gigantic spoon.


I have a dog that can prevent you from eating a donut by eating before you get the chance, that’s my pal…


Sounds useful for Jerusalem residents

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Some things just shouldn’t be automated.

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