WATCH: Well-trained protection dog


Beautiful. Dogs love to have a well-defined job.

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And if it involves attacking someone, it’s a bonus.

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What’s the best way to defend yourself against an attack like this, were a jerk of an owner to sic his or her animal on you? Kicking?

watch the padded-arm guy, when he breaks with the dog, he maintains direct eye contact. not detracting from the dog at all, just an insight into how they got the promo-video so perfect.

@stephen_shenck : the best thing to do in a fight with a dog, however you try to do it or whatever the circumstance, is to flip the dog onto its back.

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watch the padded-arm guy, when he breaks with the dog, he maintains
direct eye contact. not detracting from the dog at all, just an insight
into how they got the promo-video so perfect.

I would counter that he maintains eye contact because he is used to working with dogs. If they train in the classic shutzhund fashion then the dog is going to completely ignore direction from anyone but the handler.


May result in the following outcome:

“Be a tree.” (it’s a phrase used to teach children safety around dogs)

Be the most boring thing near the dog. NO eye contact, no yelling, DO NOT MOVE. Keep your mouth closed, and your eyelids too if you can’t stop yourself from looking at the dog.

This isn’t a guarantee, especially against a fully-trained attack dog, but is your best option.

Remember, you cannot outrun a dog.

Did you… put a gif behind a spoiler tag?

I didn’t even know that was possible. I… I feel so behind the times.

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Brazilian Jiu-jutsu is useful for this. And the triangle choke is totally legal if you’re about to be devoured by an angry carnivore.


No, no, no – the next step is belly rubs.


Did Pai Mei teach you the Five-Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique?

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I see the image pop up, then a blurred version, then it resolves back to the original image. I’m running noscript and privacy badger though, so maybe something to do with them?

I took care of police officer in the emergency department once who had been demonstrating the police dog to a school group. The dog hit and held his padded arm so hard it spun him around and dislocated his shoulder. TAKE THAT KIDS!

The Way of the Dog.

What I learned after two very frightening attacks by feral dogs and countless attacks by aggressive dogs (living in the country has some disadvantages)…

Protect your face and neck at all costs. A crushed hand sucks. A crushed eyeball sucks more. A crushed neck … well … you won’t be in a position to care very long.

Never run. A large dog, like the one in the video, can easily pull a grown man to the ground from behind.

Never lose sight of the dog. A dog in a “I’m going to kill you” state of mind does not give a rat’s ass if you are looking at it or not. If you lose sight of the dog, it will use that to it’s advantage and try to bite you or pull you to the ground.

Never kick at a dog. It will simply grab your foot and pull you to the ground or crush your foot. Or, you will lose your balance and end up on the ground.

Do not reach for the dog thinking you can calm it down. It will bite you.

Make loud noises. Yell. Scream. Whatever comes out. If that does not quickly work, stop. Try whimpering. The dog may think you are in distress and stop attacking. If that does not work, try being quiet and still.

As depicted above, do not punch at a dog. The dog will very likely bite your hand or wrist.

Use what’s at hand. Got a purse? Keep it between you and the dog. Got a backpack? Ditto. If the dog takes it from you, it is now the dog’s property. Do not try to retrieve it. Got a cup of hot coffee in your hand? Let the dog have it. I once threw a frozen treat at a violent dog. It stopped to investigate what I had thrown then lost all interest in me. I simply walked away.

If the dog lunges above your knees, as the one in the video did, thrust your knee into the dog’s underside. Your foot should come straight up off the ground and remain as close to directly under your body as possible. This has three affects: 1. It helps you maintain your balance; 2. With moderate force it will knock the wind out of the dog; 3. With very little force it will knock the dog off balance. Both times I have done this, the dog fell to the ground, laid there a few seconds trying to catch its breath, realized it was extremely vulnerable, jumped to its feet, and quickly departed. I simply walked away.


Oooh, yummy arm padding, want some.

That all sounds terrifying, where do you live? So I can plan to never be nearby. :slight_smile:

That’s probably it, then.

I see a blurry gif, then if I mouse over it it becomes slightly less blurry, and if I click on it it becomes clear.

The CSS class of the gif id “spoiled”, so it looks like it is indeed a gif behind a spoiler.

With text we can do spoiler. I’m guessing with no-script that looks clear to you as well? I’m confused, though, how no-script could be blocking the spoiler code for you, but the forum itself still works.

You’d better get that choke in tight, first-time. When I have to re-adjust my triangle against a human, I don’t have to worry about approximately 107 razor-sharp canines gnashing right next to my crotch…

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