Video series about medieval lives


While I’m sure this is quite good (I’ll totally give it a watch), I’m disappointed that my original assumption that this was a continuation of the Terry Jones series is incorrect. If you haven’t watched Jones’s Medieval Lives, it’s fantastic.

Nasty, brutish and short?

I watched half of this one starting with the same assumption. But it’s definitely good.

Haven’t watched the other half simply because I haven’t had the time

Has anyone watched this on Amazon Instant Video? The provided links aren’t very helpful.

Do they show how to cook those delicious turkey legs?

I suspect you’re thinking of “Medieval Times”.

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I couldn’t find it on Amazon instant video (which is a shame because that would be convenient), but I did find it on YouTube. Here’s part 1.

Excellent! Thanks for the share. When I was getting ready to go through my divorce, I read up a lot on marriage history, because we have these notions of “traditional” marriage that really stem from Victorian times and the 50’s, not really from long history. And it helped me a lot. One of the most interesting books I read was about marriage in Medieval times, I think because really that was a long period of time and there were so many different types of marriages that came into vogue at various periods because of different economic and social circumstances.

I watched these on the Beeb and then listened to them again in the car, while driving to work.
Compared to Terry Jones’ fare maybe a bit dry, but she knows her stuff and surprises
with original factoids and insights. Makes you renfair re-enactors really re-appreciate
being born in these modern times. Highly recommended!

I never understood how a North American bird became the food of choice for reenactments of Medieval Europe. Of course, I also never understood why they called those get-togethers “Renaissance” fairs either.

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