Video: Statistician/magician on the best way to shuffle cards


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I wish I knew a guy like that for every topic I was interested in.

When I was working as a poker dealer, we were taught to do a table shuffle(what is called smooshing in the video) for about 15-30 seconds when we were starting with a suited deck, then we went on to our standard shuffle. So, typically: spread the deck, make sure all cards are present, flip over, table shuffle, gather back into a deck, riffle, riffle, milk, riffle, riffle, cut onto cap card. For subsequent games, skip spreading and table shuffle unless a deck change is requested.

Seemed effective to me, and takes less than the full minute of table shuffling that he advises.

According to my magician husband, IIRC, 8 perfect riffle shuffles returns the deck to it’s original configuration.

A perfect riffle shuffle is generally referred to as a “perfect faro.” It takes 8 perfect “out” faros (where the top and bottom card remain the same) to return the deck to its original configuration. With “in” faros, it takes 26 to reverse the order and another 26 to restore it back to its original configuration.

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