VIDEO: Stevie Wonder performs 'As' at Aretha Franklin's funeral

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This song was written when Stevie Wonder was 26. Some background on his work leading up to “Keys”:


RIP Aretha.


Seeing the love for this song is really touching.


For those who want more, the entire 10 hour funeral is on youtube. I’m grabbing it now with youtubedown so we can slap it on our TV and watch it offline and at our leisure.


Farrakhan in the front row sigh. Was Aretha Franklin into NOI or is he just there because Detroit?

I would imagine that one cannot be both a Christian and “into NOI”.

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Don’t forget the cover of ‘As’ by George Michael and Mary J Blige which was a top-ten single around the world but pulled from single and album release in the US by Mary J Blige’s record company after Michael’s arrest for soliciting sex in a LA restroom.

Since it’s a slow Sunday, I’ll just say that I think this SNL performance might be my favorite piece of music ever recorded.

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I remember watching that episode live. The music was fantastic and the Kanon camera commercial with Joe Piscopo as John Newcombe was brilliant. Stevie has a great sense of humor!

ETA a verb tense change (Stevie’s sense of humor still intact, I’m sure)

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