Watch: Stevie Wonder's statement on Breonna Taylor, the George Floyd uprising, the election, and the universe

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That was wonderful.


“You say you’re sick and tired of us protesting. I say, not enough to make a change.”

Thank you so much Mr. Wonder.


THAT. WAS. POWERFUL. Thank you for sharing this!!!


What a beautiful message. Stevie knows what it’s about.


That was beautiful and heartfelt, but I keep hoping for a “magic bullet”, some simple phrase or short paragraph that will break through to the haters and trolls and closed-minded. Hope springs eternal.

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
It hurts so much that we are here right now

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I was about to comment “nomen omen” for his last name fitting him perfectly.

People need more of this, from as many artists as possible. Though I guess only a few of them have the balls to risk burning their career for making the right choice.


They’ll just get dismissed as “librul puppets” or “socialists”.

Look at the outrage directed towards Dolly Parton (certainly previously very popular in conservative/red circles) just for supporting BLM…


Wonderful example of swearing as emphasis.

You say you believe all lives matter.
I say I don’t believe the fuck you do.

Never heard Stevie drop the f bomb in all these years and had to re-listen to that powerful bit a few times.

Stevie Wonder has always been a prolific activist for equality and human rights.


I alway had Stevie Wonder down as one of the brainiest of his generation of musician.
I’d place him and Herbie Hancock towards the top.

Just sad that even here a beautiful message like this is buried below all the discussions of whatever bullshit Trump said the other day.

Also sad that this video has roughly ten times less views per day than a video of some dude cleaning a Kia that is 6 times as long.

I am afraid there is no silver bullet, only persistent effort will have a chance of eventually breaking through to people who have been disowning a significant part of themselves for years, sometimes for decades.

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