London cops switch off wifi in the tube to make it harder for climate protesters to organise

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Turned off Wifi ? Amateurs.


Someone should just tell the cops they need to put together an Alt-Right/Anti-Immigration/Pro Brexit rally. That usually brings out support from local law enforcement.


Perfect move if they want to stimulate the development of mesh networks.

By the way, is Bluetooth messaging still a thing ?


So they’re disrupting services in order to prevent disruption to services? Do Extinction Rebellion even need to turn up at this point?


Turning off the wifi won’t affect train services.


Yes, but it will certainly forestall or even eliminate climate change. What were you libtards worried about?


I thought they were supposed to make transit easier for protestors to avoid conflict. Wasn’t that their rationale here?


Resistance fighters 101: Walkie Talkies are a must have


Opportunity! (I’m reminded of in Die Hard, when the FBI switches off the power, and opens the vault.)

If they switch off the official wifi, then info-starved commuters will only have the protestor open wifi hotspots with informational websites to connect to.

Looks like a job for a Raspberry Pi with several hours of batteries. I’d suggest using a USB wifi stick rather than the on-board wifi. You can mount the stick in the center of a kitchen strainer dish antenna (inside a backpack), and cover the length of a station or the newer subway trains with no doors between cars.

Let me check my notes…

Oh, and you’ll want a real-time clock on the Pi, otherwise your logs will be junk and you won’t be able to figure out if it was effective or not, like with a test I tried in the Toronto subway 4 years ago:

(The DNS was jiggered so that no matter which site they surfed to, they’d get that self-contained TiddlyWiki file.)


To be fair there’s no mobile internet or even mobile phone signal on the London Underground. I was hugely surprised when I saw people using their phones on the metro in another city, didn’t even think it was possible… Of course, on the overground bits of the underground phones work fine.


Anti-Coasean? In the sense we’re trying to up transactions costs?

The protesters are doing it wrong. Inconveniencing people, particularly people who thing they are important, doesn’t endear them to anyone and causes their message to be disregarded.

Also, got to be honest, I’ve stopped going to protests as they achieve precisely diddly-squat, while every weird fringe group that’s vaguely aligned feels the need to yell at me. I’ve nearly been in many a fight with animal liberation front fucktards.

What I do now? I go to my MP’s surgery and talk to her. Have a feeling it’ll achieve more.


Yeah other metro subways have cell service at the stations. Not uncommonly anyways.

Suppose you were on the tube going to work, or school, or home, or a medical appointment, and the train you were on came to a screeching and indefinite halt due to action by pro-Brexit protesters.

Would this make you
(a) more likely to support Brexit
(b) less likely to support Brexit
© not change your opinion even a little

Yeah, this. I was going to describe this sort of protest as “self gratification” until I realized that would not be fair to the millions who masturbate to internet porn, inconveniencing no one in the process.

Right. Because no protest in the history of the world ever achieved anything.


Your comment simply suggests you don’t understand the seriousness of the problem. We’re well beyond normal approaches. I applaud all these people doing what i lack the courage to do.


This isn’t about garnering support, this is about making a noise until people start to pay attention and then continuing to make a noise until something gets done. Very few of those in power in the UK are seriously denying global warming is an issue. Now they’re going to have to explain themselves.


I’m well aware of how serious the problem is - thank you very much. What I am saying is that what they are doing is inefficient and quite probably detrimental to their cause. I know some people who work at Shell - they’ve just been told to work at home while they fix the windows and hire some security. Net result: nada.

They’d be better hiring lobbyists, or PR firms, or following the examples of led by donkeys, or buying ad time, or protesting at their MPs offices. You apply leverage where it is most beneficial. When you are trying to convince someone to change you use reason. Turning a commute into a nightmare doesn’t make anyone care about what you’re saying.

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