Video: Tase me bro


Don’t those things occasionally kill people?

Of all the stupid, dumbass things I’ve seen, this is one of the dumbest and I sure as hell don’t need to watch the video to know that

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ok. i want the truth. there were a couple orgasms in there. I know it.


Judging by the direction of movement I’m guessing it was a taser to the ass…

Yeah. I did watch it, only to have that confirmed. It really makes tasing look kinda fun. This video strikes me as bullshit entertainment for the privileged, those who don’t face the real THREAT of getting tased by racist and/or protester-hating cops.

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I eagerly await this photographer’s next project: hipster artisanal waterboarding*

  • using only the finest melted-iceberg water, carried in vintage steel buckets and poured slowly over the moustachioed faces of inverted hipsters lying on roughhewn cherrywood benches.

Heh. I avoided the word “hipster” in my comment, but it certainly did come to mind while watching the video.

You nailed the insufferable language a bit too well. :wink:

Tasing is an extremely painful compliance technique for those who question authoritah - it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a form of torture meant to force the uncompliant into submitting, plus it can be dangerous and has led to many deaths when used indiscriminately. It was meant to be used only in circumstances when otherwise a police officer would have been forced to use deadly force, but now it’s an all-purpose consequence-free punishment for any perceived disrespect. Then, on the other hand, we have this stupid video that treats it with no thought given to societal implications of the technology, that makes it look like fun and games, with the attractive privileged people tensing up as if they were going to get tickled, and the other attractive people who are doing the tasing laughing. For a second when I saw the douchebag “director” at the end I thought it was a joke, but unfortunately not. These people spent their time and energy on producing this stupid video instead of engaging with the issues around tasing, and I couldn’t imagine a better public relations coup for the manufacturers and the police departments who love to tase.


In the bit at the end you can see that they’re using some kind of stun gun. A Taser is something different: it fires two barbed darts that penetrate the skin and trail wires that deliver the shock.

Maybe that’s splitting hairs, but they’re not being tased.


Little Death, the Asphyxiation: A genre clusterfuck of avant garde SFW softcore bondage pornography?

And the march to total acceptance of America’s favorite torture device continues.

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Excuse me, is that cherrywood reclaimed?


It’s not cool to exploit defenseless iceburgs, bro.

Must have gotten the embed link wrong; all I saw was a montage from

Next stop: Ow, My Balls!


You’re not splitting hairs at all. I think there’s a big difference between taser and a stun gun. Many of the people in the video appeared to be smiling as they were getting zapped. That doesn’t happen with a taser. People who get tased typically become rigid and sometimes convulse as a result of the electrical current.

My thoughts exactly.
I’m happy to see that the BB crowd immediately called BS on this.