What getting Tased looks like at 28,500 frames per second

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Totally biased! They pulled out all the special effects just to make it look like getting tased is bad! Why are they afraid to show both sides? Where is the pro-tasing community?


Behind the tasers.


Lots of laughs, because the healthy guy doesn’t die, but this is an approved PR shot. Waivers were probably signed, “If you die it’s not our fault.”. But still, notice the grimace on the face, the muscles contracting and the barbs sticking into the skin.

Of course “torturing Dan” is a joke because his partner Dan is actually usually smacked with a watermelon in slo-mo. The serious Taser guys are holding Dan up so he doesn’t and break something when he falls. (Probably using a “tactical grip” while doing it.)

The afids (confetti) is interesting. The serial number from each shot? Something for the bystanders to collect to see how many times someone was really tased vs. the report?

What are the stats from people who die from tasers each year? Probably not tracked, especially considering that they haven’t been tracking police deaths from bullets until recently.


42 so far this year in the US, based on the Guardian’s stats.


“I hope you enjoyed watching our video”

Aaagh, ick ick ick! Unsee! Unsee!

I think you can take that as a “no”. Educational though. Those darts look pretty solid, and the shock went on for longer than I was expecting.

Whatever happened to the unicorn chaser?

Here you go…


That looks, unsurprisingly, to not be a lot of fun.
Though, if I was given a choice, I’d chose a Taser over a gun.
I’m not saying they’re perfect. I’m not saying they’re “safe” (in the way you’d wish they were). I’m not saying they can’t be used badly, or that they can’t cause real damage.
I’m saying there’s a decent chance they won’t kill you (or leave lasting damage), which is more than I can say for a firearm.

Slowmo is cool.


I think that’s actually a pretty reasonable idea in and of itself. It’s a good deterrent for the shooter to know that he can’t deny making the shot later, and it has the constructive effect of making it clear who was standing where when the shot was fired (which you’d want to know for making reports).

I’m not saying Taser™ has any sort of clean hands–it’s pretty clear they’ll do and say anything to move another crate of these things–but it’s the sort of thing that makes sense on its own terms.


I don’t generally condone tasing, but this is a special case:

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excellent resource! thanks.

That is fucking insane.

Here’s one: The devastating decision not to prosecute the brutal in-custody death of Natasha McKenna


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