Video tour of a dying Fry's Electronics store that is also Aztec themed


There are no Fry’s where I live, but go there whenever I’m in California. It would be a pity if they went under, there are so few B&M stores where you can actually lay your hands on electronic parts before buying them. (On a personal/professional level, John Fry created a marvelous thing called the American Institute of Mathematics, which runs some of the most useful workshops anywhere for mathematics research; I’m currently finishing up a paper on something that started with conversations at one such workshop.)


Our local one is also a ghost town. Brick & mortar retail ain’t what it was.

I thought this one would be the San Jose Fry’s (what we would affectionately call “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Fry’s”) but I guess that one is Mayan, not Aztec themed.



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