Freaky finds: shopping for comics at Bizarro-Wuxtry

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Thank you – this was a really fun article. I’ll probably never make it out to Athens, 'cause there’s a half-continent in the way, but it was really nice to read about such a cool store.

I live way out in the boondocks, about two hours away from the nearest chain bookstore, four hours away from the nearest good comics shop, and 7-8 hours away from my favorite used bookstore, so I have lots of dreams about comics shops and bookstores. Since the dreams are shaped by dream logic, they’re all ridiculous and chaotic and impossible and huge, and the Wuxtry seemed a lot like the stores I dream about…


Hey, thanks for reading and for the kind words. If it helps, the shop is just over an hour outside of Atlanta, and Spirit Airlines flights are usually pretty cheap to that town. If you pair this with a visit to the Center for Puppetry Arts Museum (that houses some of Jim Henson’s work from The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and more) you got a darn good reason to stay for a night or two.


A place like this is an amazing growth experience for young minds, at least for those who have the curiosity to venture inside.

Not identical, but I was fortunate enough to be invited to such a place in the 70s as a teenager. It was a used SF books, comic books, and ¨smoking paraphenalia¨ shop in Alexandria Virginia. It was in the back of a very old building with sloping floors and a creaky staircase, had no official name but the regulars called it Ford & Daves. They were regulars at all of the local SF conventions.
I cherish those memories.


Any time I make it to Athens (I live in Atlanta) I go to Bizarro-Wuxtry!


Went to college in Athens in the late 80s. Love the Wuxtry and usually hit it when I’m in Athens (In Atlanta now). Love the smell of pulp paper and the sound of those beat up wooden floors. Atlanta has quite a few places, none that can replace the old Oxford books, which deserved to be mentioned along with Powell Books and The Strand in it’s 80-90s heyday. Their used books, collectibles, comics have all scattered to smaller places in town - not the same as their old musty, giant brick building though.


I bet that place smells amazing.


We stopped by there not too long ago! Found all sorts of awesome stuff!

And the King Center… the belt line… little five points… the High Museum… Decatur… Lots of great places in the ATL… or if people want to head north of ATL and Athens, North GA has lots of fun stuff to see: Rock City, Helen, Paradise Gardens… etc…

I guess? :thinking:

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