If you live in the continental USA, why aren't you at Cincy Comicon this weekend?

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Oh, there are a few good reasons, including limited accrued vacay time and avoiding needless expenses… but above all else:

##I just don’t like crowds*.

Statistically speaking, the larger the group of people, the lower the collective IQ.

*(Or most people in general, for that matter.)

But cool pics, though; thanks for sharing.


Mayflies. I’m surprised they’re still around, usually they’d have come and gone a few months ago.


Thanks for the cool report, Mark!

I used to enjoy going to the Stumptown comic fest and looking over all the cool indie artists’ stuff. This reminds me of that, with the bonus that you have the courage to talk to people.

What were you showing at your table?


Glad you’re having a good time @frauenfelder, thanks for telling us about it. Vent Haven Museum is about 5 miles away in Fort Mitchell, KY and it’s open by appointment until September 30th. If you visit the museum you could show people how fun, silly and creepy the old puppets are. I’d go to both the museum and the comic convention if I could.

Have fun in Kentucky!




Actually, the Roebling bridge was a lead-up experiment for planning the Brooklyn bridge, on a smaller scale of course, but proving that the methods of pyloning and suspensions would work. It’s a FABULOUS spot for watching the Labor Day fireworks, which are shot from the Kentucky side toward Cincy, so you get the reflection of the fireworks in the waters of the Ohio River.

Of course, Mark probably already learned that the Greater Cincinnati Airport also isn’t in Cincinnati; it’s in Kentucky as well. Many years ago, I was flying into Cincy from Chicago, and as we passed over the city the pilot announced that we were “now passing the Queen City of the West, Cincinnati, on our way across the Ohio River into Kentucky”. The woman next to me, who was on her way to a convention in Cincy for the first time, started getting frantic and yelling, “NO! Let me out! I have to get off here!”


Well, as a business person who works most of the major Comic Cons in North America, I can tell you that the “lower the collective IQ” argument doesn’t hold water when it comes to these events. Because of the nature of the people who partake in the various fandoms and other interests at the cons, I would say that the collective IQ is probably HIGHER than most random collections of people would be.

I have a niece who suffers from severe depression, and deals with all manner of anxieties when it comes to being outside of her own comfort zones, especially with large groups of people. I convinced her to take a trip from her home in Tennessee to Salt Lake for Comic Con there last week, knowing that it would be extremely difficult for her, but also knowing that her inner geek would be well-fed. We took a lot of precautions to make sure that any melt-downs would be avoided or kept to a minimum, but quite honestly after a shaky Day One the last two days were pure bliss for her, even in the presence of 30,000 people in the main hall at any given time. She now holds the Con as one of her best experiences ever, and wants to come back next year.

Mister Frauenfelder, what’s your take on all this?


Because on Saturday I’ll be watching this

And on Sunday I’ll be aboard one of these:


But not a member of our fine BBS? For shame. :frowning:


Nice report, it’s cool to see a comicon article interested in artists and comics and not only in cosplay…



because a quick drive to Vancouver BC brought me to Gatecon 2016
(but actually Cincy Comicon sounds pretty damn cool too :slight_smile: )

…and by complete luck I ended up sitting next to Richard Dean Anderson for dinner tonight:


No kidding. Like, why am I not there? Because I have no spare cash and have to work? I get that it’s just a turn of phrase, but came off sounding pretty elitist.


“Bad Guy Bounty Hunters” tell us more about that.

Fraggle Rock sigh I’m getting old. Looks like I’m going to buy one of those Fraggle Rock comics … childhood memories …

Thanks for the recap. That’s our favorite side of the hall when we attend the con here in KC. My daughter and I spend the rest of the year saving money, her for art, me for books.

I lived/worked in Cincinnati for a good 15 years or so, and its little secret is that most of what’s cool about Cincinnati is in Kentucky, for sure. The actual Cincinnati convention center is awful and there’s no food or anything immediately nearby, so you’re much better off in Covington.

It’s been awhile since I lived there, but I remember an excellent Korean place nearby in Newport, as well as the Hofbrauhaus. And make sure you try the local specialty, goetta!!

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I was just at the first San Francisco Comic Con last weekend. Had fun, saw an unreasonably large number of Harley Quinns and Deadpools, and my lad found a new sidekick.


Why? Because I can’t afford to travel that far and still buy stuff. And there are 2 large comic cons in KC, plus Bronie Con for the kiddo. And no one I like or care about is at that one.

Looks fun though! Everyone should try one, even @Melizmatic.

because not all of us are comic book nerds?

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Do you enjoy anything pop culture? Because it is way beyond comics at this point. Any sci-fi, fantasy, or other weird fiction type will have a niche there.

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well, ok.