Videos: how fake Japanese food is made




I have always found Japanese fake food to be a little crunchy and not very tasty.


I love the food models here and can’t resist playing with them in stores. Drives my wife nuts :smile:


Then he hands the lettuce to the kid, who immediately squashes it back into a lump of unformed wax.



Just to be picky, contra the headline, this is “Japanese fake food” rather than “fake Japanese food”. After all, the Japanese-ness isn’t what’s fake, it’s the food-ness.

ETA: “Fake Japanese foods” would be like the fake wasabi they showed on QI the other night, ordinary horse-radish dyed green.


Note that “Sampuru” is a Japanese phonetic pronunciation of the English “sample”.


I’m very proud of my authentic Japanese Garden:


Looks like she’d do well to eat her outfit.


Fake Japanese Food is People!!!

And adorable!!!


Probably her only contact with carbs…


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