Watch a fake head of cabbage and other fake food being made

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Even in the early stages some of what he was creating looked so much like food to me I was unnerved by seeing him put his hand in the water.

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I demand organic fake food!

I’d have to say that the most impressive such wax sample I’ve seen was the full-size pizza in the window of the Shakey’s Pizza in Shibuya.

If you visit Tokyo, a nice quick side-trip is Kappabashi-dori (near Asakusa), the kitchen supply district where several shops specialize in these. There’s also specialty stores for bento boxes, signs and LED displays, etc.

As I recall, the most common material used is silicone rather than the more traditional wax.

Why would I want a fake head of cabbage? I can get a real one of those… What I want is a fake leg of cabbage.


So, zig-zag more or less transliterates? Good to know.

You can make passable calamari from pig rectum though apparently you have to work quite hard to remove the “earthy” taste. And I suppose the shelf life wouldn’t be anything close to the wax version … though if you labelled it as “made from bung” it no doubt wouldn’t be purchased.

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Aaaand you never know what you’re going to read while eating

I don’t know if I can get you the real deal; but a leg of cabbage is probably some kind of root vegetable, right? Surely a little creative labelling of something that grew underground should get us close enough.

Speaking of creative labelling; anyone for jellyfish counterfeiting?

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Ohhhh, I remember hearing that story on the radio, but I had managed to block it from my mind. Thanks for the reminder :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m guessing I never noticed the most impressive one I’ve seen.

I think I heard about that about the same time I heard about counterfeit soy sauce made from human hair, and I had the same reaction: WHY? Is it somehow a cost savings to process and clean and scrub pig butt rather than just use squid? Are there CEOs raking in profits from laboriously collecting and processing hair for terrible soy sauce instead of just using, I dunno, soybeans?

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