Videos of last night's SpaceX launch

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Elon has better toys than we do.


I needed that rocket flame for some dank bud I was enjoying last night.


No booster recovery video or no recovery at all? Should have been cool with night/day mix.

Had FL not seen that before? It’s pretty cool, right? We’ve gotten to see it here in SoCal. Here’s a SpaceX launch as seen from Disneyland:

No recovery.

It was an old block 4 booster, reusable but requiring too much refurbishment to make it worth reusing multiple times. Spacex is moving on to block 5 boosters (IIRC intended to be reused 10 times without refurbishment and 100 reuses total) and has been using up its stock of old boosters on not recoverable launches.

I gather there’s one more block 4 which they will use later this year on a test of the crewed Dragon in flight abort systems. After that it’s all block 5, and they will be doing a lot fewer 100% expendable launches.


But when do we get to see last night’s Spandex launch?


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Off topic, but Musk and/or the Tesla company has been using an artist’s (somewhat crude) illustration of a unicorn farting electricity among rainbows without the artist’s permission, and when the multi-billionaire got called out on it he took to twitter and told the artist’s daughter that they should be thrilled about all of the free exposure that he was giving them.

Artists being asked to work for free in exchange for “exposure” is an issue that has been discussed on Boing Boing over the years, and seeing this article about the launch reminded me of it. In fact, I kind of expected to see an article about the situation posted here.


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