Vindictive Trump dragged on providing aid to 188,000 Americans displaced by Oroville dam crisis


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And this afternoon they announced that 200,000 people were being allowed to return to their homes.

Apparently, it wasn’t such a big emergency after all.


Shhh. You’ll upset the narrative.


Yeah, good thing Trump couldn’t be bothered to do anything then, right? Do nothing and hope it all works out is quality leadership.


Trump is gonna trump.


Sounds like he just did.


Declare an emergency just as the problem resolves itself, no matter how dire it looked before. Hashtag:


The problem hasn’t resolved itself. The immediate danger has been reduced by extraordinary and somewhat risky measures on the part of the State of California. But the spillways still have to be fixed. And llate or not, some of the money California has paid in to the Federal Government since forever should come back to help with the repairs.


If you’ve seen the hole in the spillway, you wouldn’t be so quick to downplay the danger inherent in having an at-98%-capacity lake above it. There’s also another major storm on its way this weekend.


It’s still a big deal. This part of the state is going to get more rain Wednesday, and likely through next week. We’re nowhere near done hearing about the Oroville Dam and the spillways. When they say that the infrastructure is aging, they’re understating the issue. This will get worse before it gets better. And it’s true that those counties which are likely to be directly affected, are among the most red in the state. The level of pro-Trump naivete and willful denial there is off the charts. If you’re not from here, you’re not getting the full picture.




…hork… …wretch… …gag… The Jefferson bumperstickers plastered all over the jacked-up trucks make me ill. The flags and billboards make me sad. So much willful ignorance.


Also apparent that you aren’t one of those people whose life and property is threatened. It might feel a bit different depending on where you live and the whims of the weather


“What do you expect seniors and people with disabilities with low income to do if you take away our Medicare and Medicaid that we rely on to literally stay alive?” asked Amanda Barnes.

They expect you to die, Mr. Bond Ms Barnes. Seriously, the Republicans have been pretty clear about that. Oh, I know Republican voters expected that it didn’t apply to them, only those other, lazy poor people (whispers: minorities), and you’re shocked - shocked! - that you’re caught up in it too. But you really should have been paying attention to what they were saying, not what you wanted them to have been saying.


Well exactly. Nice Republican white folks get Medicare. Only them coloured illegals and wastrels get that unconstitutional obummercare commie stuff.


We have six more projected days of rain coming. Thanks for playing and talk to me in a week.


And what would you have had him do? There was not yet any actual disaster to respond to.

Presumably, FEMA has plans on file for handling whatever might have happened if the spillway or even the dam had ultimately failed, but Trump wasn’t going to be able to do anything that would have fixed the damaged spillway - and somebody was already working on that, and their efforts were apparently successful. I’m sure the National Guard has contingency plans, too, but I didn’t read anything about the Governor telling them to get busy implementing them.


I’ve gotten enough of the picture to be very surprised their spillway efforts were successful enough to allow 200,000 people to return to their homes. If more rain is coming, I hope all those people are still packed and have their cars all gassed up, because I expect to hear them told to get the heck out of there again, on the double.


Oh, maybe he could have taken the time to actually acknowledge the crisis? It’s not like the governor wasn’t asking for help.


We’re surprised about that too. Many are leaving their cars packed just in case. It appears at this point that the main spillway is going to be taking the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath, missing section be damned (so to speak). But that can only keep going for so long. It’s not a pretty situation.