California's legislative leaders vow to lead the resistance


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I saw this and was moved. It won’t be nearly enough, but we have to start somewhere.


Moved? You should be terrified.


Good to hear from level heads.

I would like to propose that impeachment proceedings begin immediately upon the terrifying orange man’s oath taking.


Great that the Big Blue State should do what it can to resist regressive government policies, but call that “joining in setting an example” rather than “leading”. All the blue states - especially those that are as blue or bluer than California - should partner equally in this.


And you’ll push that through a GOP-controlled House and Senate, how precisely?



Undamped positive feedback



I suspect a lot of them would rather have Pence as president.


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There’s a lot that can be done at the state level. It would be interesting if all the blue states partnered up and agreed to work multilaterally on accomplishing the change the federal government can’t or won’t pursue. For example, California has some pretty magnificent environmental standards, and through weird laws, any state may follow California’s stricter standards.


California was not a part of this nation when its history began, but we are clearly now the keeper of its future.

Righteous from the Rebel State!


Aside from withholding Federal funds, to which California contributes more than it takes, there isn’t a lot the Federal government can do to enforce laws that a state won’t adhere to.

Almost all services that we receive as individuals are State, County or Municipal. Libraries, Police, Fire, Schools, Energy, Roads. Federal government contributes funds but not all that much. We are a nation because we all choose to be.


California has enough economic power to accomplish a lot of things unilaterally. Much like how Texas’ school systems have the de facto power to set textbook standards for much of the country, California has been able to accomplish things like automotive safety and environmental standards that exceed those of the Federal government. If you want to sell a car in California you’ve got to make sure it meets certain emissions criteria. Because no car manufacturer wants to lose the biggest market in the nation, that effectively means all cars sold in the U.S. are built to standards set in Sacramento.

California should continue to work with allies in other blue states but sometimes unilateral action is the most effective way to go.


This is reassuring to hear.

And it’s a warmer alternative to Canada. :grinning:


I’m still considering Hawaii. Trump doesn’t even realize it’s part of the United States, so hopefully they will emerge unscathed.


“What? We got bananaland? Have I built a golf course there?”


The thing that impeachment brings tho… Is President Pence. OMFG.


I just don’t understand how this sentiment could be considered terrifying.