CA Governor Brown vows to launch "our own damn satellite" if Trump shuts down climate research


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If we can get a package deal with Washington and Oregon, Canada’s willing to take California off your hands.

Heck, we’d get three more hockey teams out of it.


If you can talk Michigan and Wisconsin into it, Illinois is on board.


Ooh, that would give us a whole bunch more Great Lake frontage.


Brownie is the Man!


I want New England, too. We need a monopoly on maple syrup production.


tRump is in for a bumpy 4 year ride.


… This would be a very ironic time for that grand apocalyptic Californian earthquake lots of folks are so worried about.


Oh, come on. We already have a continental monopoly on good beer. Do we want to completely break their spirits?


I think we can do without those guys.


While I’m not sure about that, your comment compelled me to go look this up and listen to it for the first time in 30+ years:
Well played, Canada! Well played.


As someone who lives in California - it will be like Trump isn’t even President.

Deport Illegals? Nah, some cities are actually putting aside money in the budget to fight cases in court.

Remove gay rights and marriage? Will still be legal here. We’ll bake a cake for your gay wedding, and it will be fabulous.

Make abortion illegal? No sweat, they’ll still happen here, as this issue will fall back to the states to figure out.

Remove the EPA? That’s cute. CARB all but guarantees that car companies will still have to meet our requirements (unless they want to build two versions of each car they sell).

Oh, and we have legal weed now. Who needs Canada when you have a blue paradise over here on the best coast.

I feel sorry for those in the red states. It’s sad that those who need government help the most consistently vote against their best interest.

The next four years will just be us over here making the smug fact to the rest of the country as it spirals out of control, while having the 6th largest economy in the world to help keep us afloat.


California has been a magnet for bright refugees from the rest of America for a long time. Now it will be a super-charged electro-magnet (probably built by Elon Musk).


Roger That!


Oh, don’t be silly. He won’t shut them all down… only the ones that give the wrong answers…


Gotta do a little something about those real-estate prices, though…


Based on the numbers, it would be named Canada but would in fact be adding new provinces to California.


Depends if you’re talking population or area.

California would fit with lots of room to spare into any of the three northern territories, comfortably into any of our six non-Maritime provinces, or even, with a little effort, into Newfoundland.


Ever been?

They both have great fishing. Wisconsin has great beer (some of which they don’t export much like spotted cow). Also great cheese. Cars, Rap, Michael Moore…

New Glarus,Two Brothers, Sprecher, Huber, Berghoff, Goose Island, Half Acre, Founder’s, Bell’s… These are just the ones up for acquisition to include in your “Monopoly”. :wink:

ETA: I am also leaving out a mountain of breweries on the West coast, which you’d get with CA, WA, OR. (Biggest that comes to mind is Lagunitas, which also has plants in IL).


I feel like Dems have now been tricked into becoming Republicans. Here we are saying WDC should keep their hands off our populace and advocating for state based governance.

I think we just got played.