Vintage footage of drag racing legend Shirley Muldowney

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“Hungry for stink”


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Arg! What was that Negativland track that mentioned Muldowney? “They call her Cha-Cha!”

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“What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?”


Or something to that effect.


She sounds as badass as Michèle Mouton


Happy the Harmonica from the “Free” album.

Looks like you’ve selected my music for the day! Thanks!

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I’ve only been to watch drag racing once, but there was a whole team of sisters (plus their dad) racing that day:

Edit: actually, it was the event mentioned above where Courtney Force won that I was at…


Thank you! Of course that track is getting linked here now.

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I had the privilege of watching Shirley race while growing up.

The amazing thing about her career was how much of it was achieved in “funny cars.”

The “rails” ( the long skinny cars with the massive engine in the back) get the glory, but the true test of a driver is the “funny car” – the drag racing cars that look like a “normal” car with a massive engine popping out of the hood. Funny cars are temperamental beasts. When shit goes south in a funny, it happens fast. In Shirley’s era, top rank funny car drivers came in two varieties: Good and Dead.

Shirley is an absolutely amazing drag racer. She also happens to be a woman.


“Downey is one of the truest badasses in motorsports history.”


Muldowney is one of the…”

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The Orange County International Raceway patch makes it double plus good!

I was thinking, “Would you mind handing me that microphone so I can shove it up your ass?”

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