Vintage lightbulbs with glowing sculptures inside


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Oooh, pretty.

And, if the ones on eBay are genuine, not as expensive as I would have guessed.

More than I’d be willing to pay for a light bulb, but perhaps for a piece of light-up sculpture…


Lovely. My mother had one of these for years.


The red one is by Dan Flavin.




There’s a company named DarkSteve that makes this style of bulb still:


These are nice, but technology has moved forward: we now have flameless lamps that look like real flames.
I am so getting one of these for my torchiere table lamp.


Whoa. I thought that price was in USD at first, not HKD. They cost, like, ten pounds? Man, I wish I’d known about these in time for Xmas shipping. Bookmarked for future use though. Cheers.


How well do they work as a night light?


Hipsters rejoice.


Better than as day lights.

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