Vintage-look industrial lighting


It’s a ten dollar lamp with a few dollars worth of cord, plus direct lighting.

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Likewise Trouble Lamp with 4m Cord. $20 at Canadian Tire.

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Most of the tasty, tasty braided-sheath wiring on vintage-style lamps like this is sold by Sundial Wire:

It ain’t cheap, but it’s a better deal than buying a lamp, and you can indulge in the DIY spirit that boingboing enjoys so much. (They also sell vintage style plugs and receptacles.)


when i was a kid, my dad had one of these that he would use when working on his VW beetle in the garage. just seeing it brings back a strong smell memory of the fiberglass patching kits he would use to repair rust holes on the fenders. it would be very difficult to explain to him why a company is now positioning them as fashionable items and selling them for $60.

Rejuvenation has a really beautiful reproduction of a 1910-vintage Sears & Roebuck trouble light with turned wooden handle, period turnkey switch, clever fold-open wire bulb cage, and braided cord (called “the Wiley”).

It costs considerably more than these, but that’s not too surprising, given that these are just some cheap present-day hardware-store parts with fancy braided replacement cords.

The cord is the only thing “vintage-y” about these.

As others have pointed out, mostly an excuse to overcharge hipsters. And kind of farby unless you use it with a coated “rough-service” bulb.

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Philistine. Just as with trucker caps and gas station attendant clothing, it is essential to pretend that the supply chains for people who actually use the stuff on the job and people who buy the stuff for aesthetic purposes are 100% incompatible and wholly distinct.

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The vintage electrician who possesses true courage and honor follows the path of knob and tube wiring…And probably catches fire.

Or, if you’re willing to trade time for savings, do what us poor folk do and go to estate sales, garage sales and auctions to buy actual cool old stuff rather than cool but fake old stuff.


Guess I learnt a new word today.

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I inherited my really old garage lamp from me granddad, braided cord and all. I don’t need any new-fangled fakes.

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Note the curious under-construction-ness of their “UL Information” page…

Ha ha! So it’s SUPER AUTHENTIC (in the sense of being just as dangerous as the old timey stuff…).

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