Violent robot terrorizes kittens




Not even the Evangelions will save us when the massive space cats arrive.


I think we have the sequel to Pacific Rim…


Pacific Rim 2 trailer.


The word terror has really lost all meaning by this time.


It’s reckless to put electric things near your pussy


Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel about them, too. And that’s pretty much how little they care.


Robot authority gets no respect.


I, for one, bow down before our feline overlords.


Nice. Next time, camera on the floor shooting upward, with mountain range in background.


Terrorize =/= Annoy


I’m at work. But there are a few toys out that do just that.


Get some PTSD counselling for those kittens.


That was so unfair. Poor robo was totally outnumbered, and the cats are in a different weight class. I call for a rematch, but this time with those things from Minority Report.




You mean Tom Cruise? Most housecats are bigger than him, too.


Whose idea was it to get the Goodies to make it, though?


Where can I get that robot toy? Because MOST ANNOYING THING EVER!!! And I can terrorize my coworkers!!!


“Your superior technology is no match for our lackadaisical attitude!”


The sheer touching impotence of that valiantly fighting robot vs. the slightly amused sheer indifference of the kittiez…oh myyyyy. Oh, yes.