Viral mills have no soul


Down with Upworthy!


What about Hayley Mills?

Or General Mills?


Doctors HATE him: this one weird trick will rehumanize your viral mill while making $78/hr working FROM HOME


I’m sure that Hayley has a soul; General Mills, however, is suspect.


I’m sure BoingBoing will do it’s part to recapture the soul of the internet by never sharing anything viral.


Oh, the irony.

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The first step to addressing a problem is acknowledging you have a problem.


Something with no soul helping one of my videos to go viral? I’ll take it!

But what of big-legged women?

I keep reading it as the rheumatization of the internet. >.>

In case you’re not kidding…

It says viral mills have no soul, not anything viral. Organic viral stuff is fine.


Since the picture says “Viral Mill’s have no soul” and you say

then the assumption is that boingboing is a viral mill like buzzfeed or upworthy?
I don’t see that.
Its a shame that sharing on the internet has been co-opted as a business model, but that doesnt mean that anybody who shares is deliberatlely being deceitful about the reasons they are sharing as are buzzfeed and huffpo.
Seems to me that you are saying that upworthy is the thing we should measure these things by and boingboing is just following along, yet that’s just not true.
I might be reading too much into your comment but its so short that if I didn’t read anything into it there would be no meaning in there at all. And I’d have to be very culturally isolated to think it was an actual question.

Some sites have a business model based on pageviews, they will do anything to get views like post links that read “Yo won’t believe this shocking secret…”
Some sites have a voice that draws people’s attention. Though its filled with linkbait and its part of a “viral mill”, I would not say cracked is a viral mill since they rely heavily on original “content”.

The saddest thing is that once you grant that the buzzfeeds of the world are the standard against which you measure things, then there is really no way out is there?

If it talks like a duck and it walks like a duck, that doesn’t mean it’s not something disguising itself as a duck, that is to say, “Viral Mills” dress up like honest blogs, not the other way around.


I don’t know, but I’ve been told. Viral mills ain’t got no soul.


Viral mills have no soul. What they have instead will make you cry.


Boing Boing isn’t a viral mill. Boing Boing is a purveyor of hand-crafted artisanal references to viral content.


As agricorps are to farming, as financialization is to banking, as Reality TV is to… reality.

They are also infused and steel-cut.


What ever happened to the “Drum Machines Have No Soul” guy that used to hang out in front of Amoeba? I haven’t seen that sticker in years.

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