Viral video shows perfectly good food in a Whole Foods dumpster

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During this time in France…

Destrroying food waste was alredy illegal, now, they add every items.


Whole Foods in downtown Austin used to donate food to the homeless back in the 00s (or so they claimed).

However, I witnessed H.E.B. near south Congress throw out an entire dumpster of perfectly good fruit and vegetables, and then put a padlock on it.

The USA really needs to get into diverting usable “waste”.

ETA: Also a reason I don’t get as upset over the idea of “Pink Slime” as some folks, because as much of the animal is being used as reasonably possible.


Yet another reason that I wish I was French. (I’m British…and deeply ashamed of my nationality and nation just now.)


but it also encourages companies to be sneakier about their trashy practices.

Or to just put locks on their dumpsters, as many groceries and restaurants do. It’s a particularly depraved form of waste, one of the most rotten aspects of late-stage capitalism (rot without actual rot).



I understand there is some liability in throwing out some foods that are at or near expiration dates. Food that wasn’t properly refrigerated etc. But I think there should be a way to alleviate some of that and get it to people who need it.


Back in the mid-80s, I worked at a fast food outlet in a downtown setting. I was taking some trash out to the dumpster and found a couple of homeless guys in there scavenging. I didn’t care, but I mentioned it to the manager a few minutes later. He immediately got riled up, stomped out there and yelled at the guys to get out of there. I remember them saying something to the effect of there’s perfectly good beef here, man. And he was right. Note, this was 35 years ago, so this ain’t nuthin’ new.



Back in the 90’s Pussycat worked at the local hippy grocery store. They’d been around since the 70’s, they kept the produce super fresh and gave away the “bad” stuff which was not bad at all. It was a great place to work, everyone took pride in their job and it was a vital part of the community for decades.

Well the hippy owners sold out (surprise surprise) to Whole Foods and retired. The new management immediately quit giving away the scrap under penalty of termination and locked up the dumpster. They elevated a couple bros to managers above my wife even though she out performed them all. The new manager discounted her complaints about the apple crates being stored above her head. When she filed a workers comp claim for a fucked up shoulder because of it they let her go. Whole Foods closed the store down within a year and opened their mega store in another, higher rent neighborhood.

So yeah, fuck Whole Foods.

Relatedly, we tried a subscription service for a while recently with Misfits Market, which was pretty good when the box showed up, but every 3 or 4 weeks it just didn’t and we decided to save the money and stick to the boring Aldi food


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