Virtual Reality Box Headset offers a big 3D experience at a small price - now just $18.99

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I have this headset. It’s OK for sampling VR stuff. Way better than trying to fiddle with assembling cardboard if you want to pay instead of DIY. Available from various online places for $12-13.

On thing, though. You will go a little bit nuts if you don’t have some kind of remote control for your phone. While the phone is inside, there is no way to touch the screen or push any button, so you have to slide the phone out, touch controls, and slide it back in. There are cheapo iOS/Android bluetooth “game controllers” available from Asia for $1-2-3 that do the trick. They are horrible as game controllers, but as a crude mouse for this purpose, they will save your sanity.

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Is it me or did that sound more like an advert than an article?

Advert. From the first paragraph:

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True, but you’ll only be told that if you read the article directly on main boing boing domain. If you read it on the BBS subdomain by clicking on “Show Full Post…” it only says “boingboing”

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