Transport yourself to a whole new, virtual world through your smartphone with the Homido virtual reality headset


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That’s all very well, but does anyone know of one that’ll fit my nexus 7 that doesn’t cost an appreciable fraction of the price of an oculus dev kit? (I’m looking at YOU, Durovis. Yes, you)


Apparently there’s a new View-Master VR also. Not sure what you need the discs for though.
I saw it here

When they have a plugin for the various 3d programs, then it’ll start to get good.

Google Cardboard?


Nah, they’re all slightly the wrong size; plus, I’d like something I could use for more than ten minutes without it sawing my nose off. There’s loads for up to 6" devices, but no 7" ones. I’m gonna have to Blue Peter one myself, aren’t I?


It’s been pretty basic tech since photography began, so shouldn’t be too tough.


This is basically just a fancy Google Cardboard, yes?


Yeah, I’ve already got an assortment of poundland reading specs and a hot glue gun. Just not got round to bodging it all together into a crazy cyberspace hat yet.


The View-Master VR is basically just a branded Google Cardboard (but being plastic might be a bit more durable).


This seems pretty useless without a teledildonic add-on.


I am going to get one for my Nexus 6, and one-up all the people in a cafe on their laptops. I guess I should have an ambulance waiting for when they all beat me up…


Yep. There seem to be a variety of products like this suddenly, adding various bells and whistles beyond what Cardboard has (or not) so you can get a stereoscopic experience from your phone. Which seems like it wouldn’t be good enough to bother with, especially when you’re looking at a cost of one to three hundred dollars, not even counting the phone.


This be the sit and spin version of VR

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