Visit your local creative reuse center to donate or discover used art supplies

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Some public recycling centers save good products from going to waste also. I got a whole gallon of gesso for free from the one in Wichita, KS once.


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Forwarded to my extremely crafty spouse who has a many drawers of a large cabinet filled with buttons and pipe cleaners and such…

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Between creative reuse centers, Facebook “buy nothing” groups, and places like the Freecycle Network, there’s really no reason to actually throw away just about anything these days.

I was at Scrap PDX in Portland yesterday just to get an idea of what they had. My SO went crazy and got a lot of stuff, so it was a good trip. We also stumbled across the Mox Boarding House game store and event location with a restaurant/bar for geeky gatherings. It feels like something out of a Harry Potter movie.

I live rock-throwing distance from Scrap Exchange and I have found some amazing stuff there. I tend more towards the thrift than the creative reuse materials (though the latter is great for Spouse’s puppet-making supplies and getting cheap crayons for the kiddos) but it’s just a great outfit. I make a habit of stopping in with great regularity to see what I can nab.

costs less in gas to just haul it to the kerb,

I feel like that list is a little light. Ignoring the excellent reuse stores in the PNW (maybe not fine art centered enough?), there’s the Rag Finery in Bellingham that would definitely be at home on that list.

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Maybe someone else is actively collecting and compiling a more comprehensive list? Santa Fe has the wonderful Resourceful Santa Fe; truly amazing donations and supplies. For another layer of scavenging/reuse, many town dumps have “save” piles or swap zones where good stuff is pulled out of the trash stream and set aside. I got unbelievable stuff at the town dump in Nantucket!

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