Sanitation worker creates eclectic museum from salvaged trash

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Looks like it will have to either be relocated or shut down soon if the building is demolished. Some of that stuff is surely saleable. And a lot of the rest could find a way to good homes via FreeCycle.

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Reminds me of a flea market where you don’t get to buy anything.


Needs to get on Ebay or Craig’s List, STAT!

Beautiful and thought-provoking. There was a post by Cory on it too, a year or so ago, linking to an article on Atlas Obscura with some other pictures too:

I’m kind of struck by how much of it seems to be “art” objects, though that may be just what I’m noticing at the moment….

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I have a small accumulation/collection of pewter and some of those photos had me lusting after the finds. (Though some of it is probably that Wilton Armetale cast aluminum crap.)

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