Watch this video about an artist who digs through New York City’s old garbage to create his work

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One mans ceiling is another man’s floor.

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Vimeo: You have been banned permanently.



I got the same banned message on the embedded video. I thought it was the usual ‘not available in your country’ nonsense for non-Americans. But I was able to click through the link to view directly on vimeo.


As an aside, the New York Department of Sanitation actually has an artist in residence;


I knew someone who did something similar, he would find spots where outhouses used to sit, poke a thin rod into the soil to feel around if there’s anything buried. He would often find old bottles and coins.

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In another lifetime, I was studying archaeology, and my first dig was at a British fort in southern Ontario, Fort Malden, burned by the Americans in the War of 1812. We were primarily digging the enlisted men’s latrine, which was something like a 26 holer. People would throw old buttons, crockery, pipes and bones in the latrines. We found a small hawk skeleton with a shot through the eye; it may have been harrying the chickens, or may have been shot for sport, but whoever did it was quite the sharpshooter.


Link is The Artifact Artist on Vimeo

Me too. I have no idea what we’ve all done to piss Vimeo off

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