Rats' nests are rich with unrecorded history and urgent scientific data

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I once spoke with an archaeologist who told me about recovering Native American artifacts from massive deposits of solidified urine in caves in Wyoming.

Apparently the old-timers called the deposits “amberat” because they looked like amber but smelled like rat. :grin:


Just be super careful removing rats nests. NYC might just sink into the Atlantic if some of them are load-bearing.


Zoologists study the animal remains and poop.

Of course they do, dear. Everybody poops.



and almost any other bits of detritus nearby.

Not to overshare, but I love the word “detritus” in ways that even I don’t understand.


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I’ve heard about pack rats filling their apartments with old newspapers and such but it never occurred to me that a hoarding disorder could be useful to future archaeologists.

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Fascinating. And it belongs right next to Xeni’s article…

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