National park mails trash back to litterbug campers

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Humans really are the worse.

I remember chuckingly to myself when I first watched the Matrix and Hugo Weaving (Agent Smith) recounted the human race as a virus. Now I see how accurate the statement was, we truly are a diabolical race.


Help Woodsy spread the word,
Don’t be a dirty bird!

Give a hoot,
Don’t pollute!


"Drove back to the church, had a Thanksgiving dinner that couldn’t be beat,
Went to sleep, and didn’t get up until the next morning, when we got a phone
Call from Officer Obie. He said, “kid, we found your name on a envelope at
The bottom of a half a ton of garbage and I just wanted to know if you had
Any information about it”
And I said, “yes sir, Officer Obie, I cannot tell a lie. I put that envelope
Under that garbage.” "


Thank you; leaving satisfied.

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I am reminded of an item I read in Reader’s Digest a million years ago. Well, the 1970s, but it could have been any year issue. My granny had a closet full of them and I’d pore over them when I stayed there.

Anyhow, the item was written from the POV of a guy who was occupying a campsite after a litterbug family vacated it. He goes through all their trash, and pieces together who and what kind of family they are. He gets their name and address from some discarded bill or postcard, and sends them his detective work, including a catalog of their leavings and what each item said about the family.

Now as I describe it, it sounds contrived and heavy-handed. At the time, though, it helped reinforce my love of parks and my disdain for litterers, which has only grown since then. This would have been in the days of the “Keep America Beautiful” campaign.

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There is an archaeology project based on garbage; it’s not that far-fetched.


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