Country fans bury Pittsburgh in trash





Wow. I was going to roll my eyes a little because any sort of festival leaves behind some trash, but that is a bit more than some! I don’t see how you could get to that level of trash unless nearly every person there is wantonly tossing shit on the ground just to be an asshole.


I was in the same boat. I thought all festivals are a bit garbage ridden. I was not prepared for the sheer volume on the video, though. Wow.


Has anyone done any sort of analysis as to how many of the tailgaters are from within town vs. out-of-town? I wonder if there’s some sort of “blow into town, trash the place, leave” thing going on with a certain stripe of country fan.


Do we … do we have too many people now?


Flash Trash Mob


Incidentally, if anyone thinks that I’m stereotyping, here’s an old NYT article on “holler tipping”. I saw quite a bit of this out in the country when I lived in Tennessee in the nineties.


…nobody notices?


Something tells me the drunk guy who face plants at 0:40 is about to be memed.


Ever notice how the people who spend the most time yakking about how much they love America are the ones who seem most intent on destroying it?


Any moment now… #NotAllHicks


This makes me think of the Britpop festivals I attended with friends in the 90s and the aweful atmosphere that seemed to go hand in hand with those types of events. That, as opposed to the many metal gigs and festivals I have attended which have always been so uplifting, with a real family feel and mutual respect. Just an observation.


The artists are examining the interaction between social and governmental responsibilities in the US and also foreign countries. The trash represents apathy and asks the question: can we exist with ultimate power and zero consequences?


Quite a colorful assortment of garbage, I was expecting more white trash. ba-dum Pssshhhh


I don’t know what this has to do with “country” fans. Pretty much every large festival I’ve seen in the U.S. has been covered in trash since as long as I can remember. I made the mistake of going to Washington D.C. on July 5th in like 1987 and all the grass was covered in trash. There’s also pictures of it covered in trash after presidential inaugurations.


All they need to do is put a big bonfire in the middle of the parking lot and this mess would sort itself out.


The trash or the concert?


One person in the video mentions they pass out trash bags when you drive it.

Maybe they could require a $10 deposit per bag and it has to be returned full (mostly) of trash or recyclables to get the deposit back. Even if the original person doesn’t return the bag, someone will fill it and return it for the 10 bucks. Unclaimed deposits go to clean up.


I feel like this is mostly cultural based on the event. Take two examples from my hometown. At Milwaukee Brewer’s games thousands of folks drink and grill before the game, but most people clean up and it’s not too bad afterwards. Across town at Summerfest they need earth movers and to remove the cups and cans.

Not so much Country vs. Other music, but peoples’ expectations for the specific event determine the manners and hygeine. It sounds like the expectation for Country + Pittsburgh is to trash the place.