Country fans bury Pittsburgh in trash

This terrifies me. This summer, a new country festival is happening just a few miles from where I live on the quiet, beautiful and empty southern Oregon coast. The festival is expected to bring 15,000 people- all crammed in between the 450-person village I live in, and the “larger” 1200-person town to the south. I’m all for tourism and the boost that comes from showing off this special place, but I fear this will be the scene afterwards. Glad I have a gate across my road . . . . . .

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I worked clean-up crew at Glastonbury during the 90s. Just replace “America” with “The Planet” and it would be about the same.

One particularly wet year (98, I think) the Green Party was involved with running clean-up. The litter-crew organisers decided it was just too soggy for them and buggered off leaving everyone in the lurch with no clear idea of how to proceed. “Complete clusterfuck” would be an apt description.

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I think the fact that that seem to not have trash cans is playing a large part in this problem. Yeah it’s the fans, but I think the venue is also a major part of the problem here. Screw giving me a trash bag, put out more cans and hire people to empty them as they fill.

Edited to add: I take that back, don’t give me more cans, give me any cans. Watching the video and looking at the pictures I can’t spot a single trash receptacle.


Really? It “terrifies” you?

Animals. All of them - disgusting animal thugs. This is how they want to live but this is not how WE live in a god-fearing neighborly society. Plus, what about the children!

Where are the White Leaders stepping up to denounce this behavior?!?


Doesn’t surprise me. Eavis has employed some right bastards over the years. Remember Blue Spot Security?

Were they the mob that did Mean Fiddler events round about the same time the tall outer wall and the inner “moat” went up? Security guards were really hardcore then, all sorts of reports about them doing the rounds.

Or was this a few years earlier when the the fence was ripped down and there was all the aggro between the festy and the travellers? All blurs into one I’m afraid…

Isn’t it time to get those snowplows out of storage and put them to good use!

Aye, they kicked the shit out of a few people and burned a few rigs. Bad crack.

The behavior is the sign of a sloppy mind. So if you say you ‘love America’ and you litter, you are merely talking trash.


These are naught but simple country folk, attempting to act as city folk act, and they have not been taught the difference between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.


The ideas about downtown Pittsburgh and the people residing there that I’ve heard expressed by people in the nearby countryside suggest that there may be some truth to that. (Not the filthydephia thing exactly, mind you)

How does all this compare with the Gathering of the Juggalos?

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Yes. :stuck_out_tongue:

No white skid marks on the pavement from the drunken face plants.


Yup. There exist a strange people who would be horrified to leave the place looking like so much shit…

(and it’s not to say that there aren’t other cultural problems with Japan, but they’re pretty good about the stadium mess thing, so please do not take this as an invitation to discuss whaling, gross sexism, tentacle hentai etc…)

So yeah. Total agreement that this is a cultural thing.

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Keep an eye on your gate. These guys aren’t too keen on other people’s property rights.

All those white folks and the first guy they show being led off by the cops is black.


Walk around with a video camera shooting the reg plates and the party around it, when they leave walk the same route shooting the trash and if it looks like theirs find out their details from the registration and send them a $100 fine…

If cans had a 5c deposit on them the local kids and homeless would be recyling a fortune there…


Save A City, Ban A Concert