Vista Suicide Note -- rebuttal and response

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@ Falcor. By now, if any remaining Vista computer exist, they should be taken out back and shot.



Up until last July I was part of the IT team at UW-Parkside. There were computers on campus that were still running XP because various expensive software packages that departments needed were either not available for Win7 (mostly because the equally expensive hardware which they ran were also not avialable for Win7) or the upgrade package was out of the budget. The departments were allowed to keep those computers running, but they were excluded from the campus network and were officially No Longer Our Problem.

(The last I heard from some of my former co-workers, they were able to start pushing some of these onto VirtualBox setups after some management changes, so there may be hope for them yet!)


I grudgingly give XP a pass. I have a number of manufacturing softwares and processes that run on WinXP. They have been cut off from the Internet and patched up and are being replaced as it make sense to do so.

Vista. It had no such reprieve. It was never officially supported and there is not a thing that ran on Vista that didn’t run better on Windows 7.


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