Vladimir Putin endorses NSA spying


… as opposed to advocating the removal of foreign forces from regions hostile to their presence, which is the primary reason people get cross with the USA.

I love how it’s all spun into a story of “they’re jealous of our wealth! our freedoms! they want to rule the world with their religion - it’s embedded in their scriptures!”. It’s so transparent, but so easy to blind and confuse the public at large.

But they love it too - each bored worker on a train is also secretly a Daring Watchman, keeping an eye open for “suspicious people”. Perchance they dream at night of that one big catch, that involvement in the capture of the World’s Single Most Dangerous Terrorist.

If I were the group pushing for people to vacation in the USA, I’d certainly be exaggerating the dangers of overseas travel.

It’s so easy, so simple, and so many people fall totally for it.


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I guess this is a nice endorsement and all, but Putin is no Kim Jong Un. Set your sights high, Obama!


This is why you have to admire Putin. When the Boogie-Man says you’re doing a great job…

Was I the only person that thought there might have been a slim outside one in a billion that Kim Jong Un would try slowly introducing reforms to nOrth Korea to make it less… North Korea?


There will always be terrorism. Civil liberties, however, are becoming a thing of the past.

Fuck terrorism.

No, I thought that too. In fact, I kept thinking it right up until the point that he had his ex-girlfriend machine-gunned. That was a dick move.

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