Voice actor's wonderful tour of US regional accents

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Even raptor noises are more attractive than Minnesota accents.

That is one seductive teacher of regional accents.

This is so much fun!

This dialect quiz put me within 100 miles of home.

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way to skip over ALL The western states and just hit the coast. : \

What type of accent adds a ‘k’ to words ending in ‘ng’?

I want to hear yinzer!

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Stopping the Northern Michigan “you know” habit has been far more difficult than quitting smoking. “You know” is used as a form of punctuation, it’s very similar to how the “F” word is used in the military.

“Vibes to you and all you do, we are all connected.” Knowhatmsayn?

Careful now, you have to go easy with those.

When, as a southerner, she drawled"it’s hot down there" I snorted tea all over my computer!

East London / Essex “Estuary” English does this in its more extreme examples.

Nothing becomes “nuffink”, something becomes " sumfink"…

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