Voting, an American Choice!


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH Gramps teaches us all an important lesson about voting!


I am being prevented from voting in the Mid-terms simply because I live in the UK! Shocking gerrymandering! Why don’t I get a say in who ruins the world?! Something something without representation!




You can be damn sure my rabidly racist uncle votes. To be nice, we should counter his vote to make sure he doesn’t run out of things to complain about!



Scalia would be on board with this message:
it encapsulates his desire for true originalism.

Fun Fact: There is actually a movement to repeal the 17th Amendment. That is, to eliminate the popular vote for the Senate, and return Senate appointments to their respective state legislatures-- like the founding fathers wanted it. When I first found out about the 17th Amendment: I couldnt believe we didn’t have the vote in the first place, let alone that originalist a-holes wanted to take it away.


If you don’t vote in Australia then you have to pay a fine.


Hey, what really matter in America is the philanthropist’s choice right ?


Technically you don’t have to actually vote, you just have to show up at the polling place and drop a ballot in the box. There’s nothing preventing you from leaving that ballot blank.


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