Voting Machines Compromised

“It is not letting me vote for who I want to vote for”

Without anybody in the trump admin giving a rat’s butt about election security we can expect to see more of this.

Perhaps this a thread to keep track of such shenanigans.


Plus Moscow Mitch.


I mentioned in another thread that we’ve had Scantron technology for over 40 years now.

If they can figure out how to quickly tally SAT scores while keeping a paper trail of original test forms then they can figure out how to do the same thing with ballots. The only reasonable explanation for failure is that they don’t want to succeed.


I suspect that, if the electoral process was allowed to openly prefer ‘legacy’ candidates, even if the sterile little numbers fail to capture their expected contribution to the governing body and the capital community, they’d be more relaxed about the possibility of votes getting counted accurately.

SATs are way lower stress because you can always toss a few extra factors into the decision if the numbers produce the incorrect result.

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Washington state uses that. Easy quick counting with a paper ballot that can be hand counted if necessary.
I seriously boggle at why any other method would be preferred.


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