Vox received no threats for supporting Hebdo, many threats for covering Islamophobia


points to Westboro Baptist

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“May you rot in hell” is an implied threat of violence? Really?


But those Mulsim extremists who attacked Chalrie Hedbo were specifically angry over the depictions of Mummahed.

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Free Speech means what I tell you it means, citizen.


I’m glad you and other’s are pointing out the hypocrisy that seems to run rampant in the comment section. People consistently prove that no matter what ideological suit they chose to wear they are just as corrupt inside their suits as those they are criticizing.

And I especially love it when they equate the despised ideology with the work of Satan and then go on in their comments to say they plan to do the same thing to the other person that they just took offense with. If such a person knew the words of Jesus, as recorded in the New Testament of the Bible, they couldn’t do this without condemning themselves as also being the children of Satan.


You have to be kidding me?! Maher never said any such thing! Nor did Sam Harris. What they did say is that Islam is the mother of bad idea, which it most certainly is. It has degraded woman, killed children, prevented education, brutalized and terrorized people because of percieved insults and offences, and is the most dangerous ideology to modern day free society. Guess what?! This does not make me a ‘racist’ (as if that’s possible), a bigot, or an islamophobe. What it does make me is a person who lives within a free society, a person who values free thought and free expression, and a person who understands that all IDEAS (which is what Islam is) are open to any type of criticism whether it offends or not. Free thinking people should understand this instead of attempting to silence anyone who criticizes the idea of Islam with idiotic labels such as racist, bigot, or islamophobe. Especially the western liberals who cry so much for equality but back down when it comes to the treatment of woman and children in Islamic countries such as Suadi Arabia and Pakistan for fear of someone caliing you one of these idiotic labels. Wake up people. It IS western free society vs a backwards sixth century ideology that has failed to assimiliate into modern society.

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Say whut?

“I agree with Maher Kill them all” if it is indeed a quote is two sentiments. One agrees with whatever sentiment the writer believes Maher expressed, the second is “Kill them all”

Something to remember about people is that oft times in the midst of a screed of typed impotence the writer will forget how to write. So you must take extra care to parse their rants.

Another indicator is poor spelling. Grammar often loses out to their vehement rage.

One really obvious tell is structure, if there are no paragraph breaks you are probably reading nonsense written by someone who is going off half-cocked while thinking two dimensionally about complex issues completely beyond their capacity to consider rationally.


Are you just shocked by what I posted, or are you asking for an explanation?

This is just more support for the idea that it is secularism which defends society against religious extremism, not a competing religion. Except Episcopalianism, I guess. [rolling eyes emoji]


It seems like a facile point to make - it is not news that Internet trolls talk rubbish. Meanwhile in the real world, thousands of people have been really, actually killed due to religious violence in Northern Nigeria, Syria and Iraq along with a smattering in Europe, Australia and the USA.

you’re forgetting about the ideological based wars the west has started or perpetuated in iraq, iran, amd afganistan. the oppressive regimes the us supports. a history of slavery, colonization, and genocide …

all of which have often been framed in terms of good christrian values.

and, you’re right there are not a whole lot of people dying in the west. that’s because we’ve brought the war to the east.

if your gut reaction kicks in to justify, or explain away the difference: realize that reaction is the same mechanism that works for “them”.

Yeah, Capitalism is awful, but it has produced some great art and science!

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