Voyager 2 spaceprobe may be on the verge of interstellar space


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Has it got the SOS message to the Rebel Alliance?


Let’s all just hope that our universe is the universe of unbearded Spock.


This is the kind of straight science, big picture story I need right now. Thank you.


Bless those brave li’l toasters…


After watching the Star Trek Continues episode Fairest of them all, I think even Bearded-Spock would be superior to our current situation of No-Spock.


I’m more worried about Voyager 6


Are you sure?


This never ceases to amaze me.


Voyager 2 taken care of.


That’s actually Pioneer 10 or 11, complete with the Pioneer Plaque.


Mea culpa, I need to go further… and beyond!


It must be 11, because 10 still has to be around to watch football in another 15,500 years.


Is this where we bang into the edge the marble


Interstellar space, hm.
So, it’s somewhere that is between one star and another.

Does it have to be collinear to qualify?


Nonsense. It will simply fall off the edge of the disk and end up damaging one of the trebuchets that are used to lob fake comets across the so-called ‘Solar System’. LOOK IT UP SHEEPLE!!!111!1 Yeesh.


You’d think that the heliosphere would be spherical with the sun at the center but nnnNNNNOOOOoooo!!! Who’s in charge of these things?


Where’s the meme about sending aliens unsolicited dick pics via the Golden Record?


As amazing as the longevity of these crafts is, I’m also in awe to see Ed Stone’s name in the quote. I remember seeing him talking about the Voyagers back in the 1980s, and he’s probably been there since they launched in the late '70s! Imagine spending one’s entire career on a project like this…


The last guy* stupid enough to take on the job quit about 11 billion years ago.

*“Guy” used in the interuniveral form meaning self-aware entity, that is.