Vsauce went to Peru to experience ayahuasca


Dude this was at Refugio Altiplano near Iquitos Peru. The most authentic safe place to have a ceremony . The National Geographic experience i was looking for .


Of all the retreat centers in Peru to go to, he chose the best one! Refugio Altiplano is a special place indeed.


And what you said reminded me of this:

Back on topic: the psychedelic experience does sound like an incredible possibility to gain self-knowledge (although it scares me too.) Part of me wishes it was more accepted, and therefore more available here; another part of me isn’t sure I’m ready for it.


“I watch my entire life unfold as though it were projected on a movie screen. But it wasn’t my whole life; it was every lie, every counterfeit pose, every missed opportunity to say or do something true, every false act and ingratiating gesture, every pathetic attempt to be seen in a certain light…”
I get that quite frequently when something triggers a memory (little French sponge cake, anyone?) or when the demons come during bouts of insomnia.
And quite frankly, if this were to happen at a higher rate, I’d take drugs to prevent it.


Welcome to the group!


Your dashcam horror short reminded me of a weird Stephen King short:


Oh man speaking of a trip! When she starts describing the buttons on her phone, well, it’s simply incredible that she was able to get through to someone.


Ooh, that’s a favorite of mine, and Happy Mutant @Nightflyer’s user name reminds me of King’s story The Night Flier, though I guess George RR Martin did write a story called Nightflyers, too.


Was never particularly a favorite of mine but i didn’t hate it either. Read it as a kid and found the image of zooming past a forest with glimpsed horrors quite relatable, considering all the family road trips we took and the day dreaming i’d do looking out the window. I never knew it had very strong connections to The Dark Tower, was cool finding out when i read the Wiki entry.


Back in the dial-up days, I used to do a lot of my websurfing at night. There was less traffic, which meant better connections; there was also less chance of an incoming call knocking me off-line. And by nature I’m more of a “night owl,” so “Nightflyer” seemed appropriate. I’ve read the King story (and seen the movie), but I haven’t caught up with the Martin one yet. :wink:


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