W3C's DRM for HTML5 sets the stage for jailing programmers, gets nothing in return


EME is just an API. You might as well criticize Linux for allowing kernel modules that handle DRM to be loaded.

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Is there any requirement that you use these HTML5 features, rather than continuing to use previous mechanisms?

What absolute bullshit. “the danger that programmers will be jailed”. How?? What will programmers be jailed for?? Oh right, there’s nothing in this proposal that makes any kind of programming illegal.

Literally all this is is a specific plugin API for protected media content. It’s literally no worse than the current situation of using the proprietary Flash plugin through the browser’s general plugin API.

Now, while I don’t personally see how it’s any better either Tim Berners-Lee does think this will make it easier to have more portable protected video content. It’s either that or we continue to use proprietary DRM plugins anyway.

You might have overlooked the quotation marks. He was responding to a sentence in TBL’s milquetoast blog post.

Many of these arguments involve comparing very different types of
things — the smoothness of a user interface and the danger that
programmers will be jailed

Who is the appropriate person at the W3C to contact about this?


the decision to go forward with the project of standardizing DRM for the Web came from Tim Berners-Lee himself

Tim Berners-Lee’s contact page:




Funny how the quotation marks were left off in the headline, making it seem like “jailing programmers” is a fact.

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