Waaaah! I've got my daily limit on likes! [post your own]

Just got a notice that I was out of likes and had to wait 0 seconds. That’s just wrong.


You don’t have to wait. There are always animated gifs.


That’s happened to me before… I swear the system was just trolling me!



It is 2:38pm. I haven’t been on the BBS since last night. I just opened my first BB thread in well over 12 hours and attempted to like a post there. Got the message “you’re out of likes, please wait 11 seconds”.

You guys really are trolling me, aren’t you? 'Fess up!


Clearly is a boing boing conspiracy.


I’m going to try to remember to post here each time I have to leave BB because I cannot read if I am unable to choose to like something if the case arises.

And each time, I’m leaving behind dozens of threads I’ve already read/posted on, as well as new threads I’d be interested in at least reading. Isn’t this antithetical to the supposed reason for limiting likes?

So, here’s my post for (the first time) today.


On topic here, so I don’t feel bad about derailing discussions. If posts containing “likes” and support in a verbal manner, rather than the action, were justifiably flagged as off-topic, the insta-close trigger would be set off and all discussions would very quickly grind to a halt.

So perhaps TPTB would like to explain the reasoning behind an arbitrary cap? Or someone could point me to a post where that is explained? As it stands, I don’t think that system is working very well. I may have an imperfect understanding of things, though.

@chgoliz is obviously not the only one that struggles with an arbitrary limit reducing enjoyment and interaction.

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Replying to my own post here. (Yeah, I know what they say about people that talk to themselves, LOL)

Struggling to catch up, but it seems that the limit is a cultural rather than technical one, one that’s set by The Powers That Be.

Further, the majority of posters struggle to hit that limit, and that regular (heh!) participation increases the amount.

Is this is the case, why have any limit? If it’s already enough for the majority, then removing the cap won’t have a disproportionate effect upon the number of badges awarded for “liked” comments.

The artificial scarcity imposed to increase the value of likes or the rarity* of awarded badges is already at a level where further deflation would have little impact but the status quo does have a negative effect upon people who use that system to further their enjoyment and participation.

Is there something that I’m missing here?

*Best pony, and I will die on that particular hill if necessary.

Just to be clear: The Powers That Be are some or all of the BB staff, not Jeff—at least, that’s what I inferred from this post on meta.discourse.org:

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Yeah, I saw that. I’m not casting blame on anyone and it’s clearly not a technical restriction.
I was wondering if there was any underlying philosophy of design behind it, like, gamifying comments through the use of badges in order to encourage higher quality responses or something.

But as far getting things changed in the here-and-now, totes not the dude to ask.

And if I’m stepping on toes or whatevs, I’ll happilly STFU.


I felt compelled to share it after reading comments (names don’t matter, I don’t want to get into that) on another thread placing blame at Jeff’s feet. But if the likes limit is locally configured, then Jeff has nothing to do with it.

Venting your discontent at someone is fine but FFS, make sure you’re venting at the right person.


There’s probably quite an interesting discussion to be had (or may have even been had) about manipulation and/or encouragement of high community standards through the application of profile-bling. Time and place tho and this ain’t either ATM.

And, like, if anyone’s taking my comments personal (I checked to make sure, but I’m not good at predicting things like that) no hate or even disrespect is intended. Peace y’all.


Sharing it in that thread, in response to that user [cough cough, hello!] might be helpful in terms of further informing the debate!

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Forking this from elsewhere so not to derail. :slight_smile:

I understand that. :slight_smile:
Content free plusones/me toos/AOLs have been a brick in the path of the bicycle of conversation since Usenet was used for conversation. Having a system that avoids this by allowing a simple click to show agreement, encouragement, acknowledgement and support is a great idea. It builds community. It allows things to flow. It reduces meaningless “after you, Cecil, no after you ,Nigel” post chains.

I just don’t understand the reason for a restriction on this action.


I’m gonna up-vote your up-vote of @M_M’s discussion on up-votes.

:revolving_hearts: Hearts all around!

Well, to play devil’s advocate; things that are unlimited have no value.