Wagner mercenaries "storm" Russian military headquarters in Rostov in Prigozhin "mutiny"

Mercenaries and auxiliaries are useless and dangerous; and if one holds his state based on these arms, he will stand neither firm nor safe; for they are disunited, ambitious and without discipline, unfaithful, valiant before friends, cowardly before enemies; they have neither the fear of God nor fidelity to men, and destruction is deferred only so long as the attack is; for in peace one is robbed by them, and in war by the enemy. The fact is, they have no other attraction or reason for keeping the field than a trifle of stipend, which is not sufficient to make them willing to die for you.

-The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli


Proud Boys, Marge, and Boebert are watching closely to see how it goes and taking notes.


It’s not official until Oryx starts a list:


Not from the Mutin area of France. Is just sparkling armed rebellion.


Dead orc walking. Putin has declared open season on this chieftain of the warlord faction, with the military and secret police factions competing to see who’ll bring his head to the Kremlin.



Russian civilians in Rostov have started bringing food and water to the Wagner Group soldiers stationed in their city.

Bad sign for Putin



1/ Russia’s security forces are reported to be in disarray following the attempted mutiny by the Wagner Group. It seems to have been perfectly timed for a moment – Friday night – when many personnel were too drunk to respond quickly, while others are refusing to fight Wagner.

Rumour that General Gerasimov is hiding from Wagner in an apartment in Rostov.


It seems the gangster regime doesn’t want the citizenry to know about it’s bloody little squabble.

A desperate, flailing move.

I get the sense that Vova, for all his reputation as a chess master who maintains his power by setting the factions against each-other, was unprepared for what would happen if one of the leaders actually made a power grab. It’s similar to how his supposed military prowess turned out to be a paper tiger in Ukraine. Perhaps he’s been taking advice from Elon Musk.


The Wagner Group is now storming the headquarters of the Russian Defense Ministry in #Rostov #Russia, which means they are well on their way to #Moscow. Not a great day to be Vladimir Putin or a #Putin supporter today. A coup in real-time #Maria #MumbaiRains #Wagner

Reportedly, Medvedev was evacuated from Moscow region together with his family and assistants.

Previously there was information that a helicopter allegedly with Putin on board left for Valday.


Putin’s plane has left Moscow for St. Petersburg.

Looks like he is fleeing from the advancing Wagner Group military column

A pair of Russian government VIP jets (RA-96022, Il-96-300PU and RA-73025, A319-115(CJ)) are leaving Moscow Vnukovo International Airport, most likely evacuating to St. Petersburg Pulkovo Airport.


Several business jets flew from Moscow to St. Petersburg at once. Apparently the elites are leaving Moscow! There is NO panic!


Putin’s plane reportedly attempted to enter Kazakhstan air space but was turned away. Kazakhstan President Tokayev commented: “The current events are Russia’s internal affair.”



While I can definitely see the oligarch rats fleeing the leaky ship and can see Putin’s dancing bear and his family being moved out of town as a backup, I don’t see Putin himself leaving Moscow at this point.

I’m following the Meduza livestream here:


“Stay tuned, RT viewers; next show in our lineup …”


Flights from Moscow have reportedly sold out as the Wagner mercenary group approaches.

Der Spiegel has reported that tickets for direct connections from Moscow to Tbilisi, Astana and Istanbul are no longer available.


I love it how the whole of Russian Z-snakepit is now twisting hands in its dramatic rant:

“The Motherland is in danger, the Russian blood is being spilled, and a civil war is underway now”
“There’s now fratricide, a stab in the back upon the regular military that is heroically holding on to the front line amid overwhelming assaults”
“In the gruesome hour of hardship and trouble, men of honor need to show their integrity and save our common Mother Russia, which is waging a sacred defensive war with the most evil enemy.”
“No matter what happens now in Moscow, dear brothers, keep killing those hohols with anything you have in your hands. There’s nothing more important than Russia.”

You bunch of sorry-ass morons, with your delusional dictator obsessed with his wretched ego and idiotic pseudo-historic conspiracy theories, unleashed the biggest war of aggression in Europe since Adolf Hitler.

Because you thought you are here to rule the world, you were entitled to anything you want, and there was no one to say no and fight back.

You were sure you were going to have breakfast in Kyiv and then dine in Lviv, just like that.

As a result, some 16 months ago, you sustained a stunning, humiliating defeat in what was one of the lamest, most incompetent, and overconfident attempts to run a blitzkrieg operation against a large European nation.

You continued in the most absurd way possible, simply sweeping cities off the face of the earth only for the sake of declaring them “liberated” and claiming yet another “major victory over Nazis and NATO” in capturing yet another hog farm lost somewhere in Luhansk Oblast.

For many months, you were fighting your senseless 10-day “special military operation” the way not a single military power or a nation can afford with such gains.

Just for the sake of never admitting defeat, you did and normalized the most unimaginable things for the 21st century.

Atrocities and mass graves, masses of suicidal prisoners sent to die in meat grinder assaults, castration, beheading, mutilation, the leveling of major cities full of the civilian population, nuclear threats, bombing campaigns to strip a European nation of heating and electricity in the middle of winter, the worst man-made ecological disaster since Chornobyl, the unprecedented occupation and militarization of the biggest European nuclear power plant.

You sustained the most unbelievable failures that completely revealed what was underneath all those years of propagandistic bravado and eye-washing.

You turned the whole of Donbas into a depopulated desert of ruins and fields of dead bodies scattered as far as the eye can see. You senselessly slaughtered countless thousands of forcibly mobilized males of Donbas who were naive and foolish enough to trust and welcome you in 2014.

For your idiotic war that has no goal and no plan other than letting Putin sit on the throne for just another day, you raised a monster – a giant mercenary army, the meat-grinding machine that is now strong and bold enough to turn its jaws against you.

Now you poor pieces of Nazi scum, enjoy drowning in the pile of shit of your own making.

You are done.

Ukraine was your end.

You had it coming.

And history will remember this as the most insanely idiotic war ever.


Just a few months ago the Russian government was pushing legislation to make criticism of the Wagner group illegal. “I thought we were friends, man!”


It's a trap!


In an audio message on his Telegram channel, [Prigozhin] refers to one van and two buses loaded with money.

He provided no details about the exact amount - but earlier Russian media outlets said 4bn rubles (£38m; $48m) had been discovered during a raid by the FSB on Prigozhin’s office in the city of St Petersburg.



Putin’s speech seems to have backfired.

“I think Putin freaked most people out, his own words made more Russians concerned than all these videos of tanks in Rostov, since before his speech many thought it was a show, a staged performance for some weird reason,” Olga told The Daily Beast.



Reports of Chechen/Kadyrov forces heading to Rostov.

Arm chair QB here…

That could go a few ways. If the people in Rostov really are in favour of the Wagner move, then the appearance of Kadyrov’s people could be enough to galvanize local military support on the Wagner side. Perhaps I’m playing to a stereotype here, but Putin himself started his reign by trumping up fears of Chechen terrorists (not sure whether to use quotes there). I can’t see the Kadyrov forces being welcomed with open arms by anyone other than a few top generals holed up in Rostov basements.