Walkaway tour! Richmond, Chapel Hill, Cincinnati, Chicago and more!

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Your whirlwind tour sounds exhausting, Cory. Stay healthy.


Thanks for that – it’s pretty intense. Up most mornings at 3 or 4AM to get work (blogging!) done before leaving for a 6AM flight, eating an apple or whatever at the airport, working on the next novel on the flight, dropping stuff at hotel and maybe having 30m for a swim to help with my chronic pain, then press and store-signings until the event with a takeout lunch eaten in the media escort’s car and dinner eaten in the bookstore’s break room, then an event, back to the hotel for 9 or 10pm, and up at 3 or 4 the next day!

There are much harder jobs – cleaning toilets comes to mind – but tours are an intense endurance course as one tries to build and sustain publicity momentum during the crucial weeks immediately following publication.


I’m sure it’s exhausting, Cory, but for us, it’s exciting to be able to see you in person. Thanks for coming to Chapel Hill! There’s a really good French restaurant just a few doors away from Flyleaf named Kitchen. If you can afford the calories, perhaps they can order takeout for you.

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I have already attended one of Cory’s talks. It was very eye-opening, and I have new appreciation for Walkaway now that I understand it fully in context.

Cory, you may remember me. I’m the weird one. No, the weird one.

Best of luck with the tour. It sounds absolutely exhausting, and I don’t know how you do it and keep your energy and spirits up, but the event I attended was very informative and great all around. I hope this tour is rewarding for you.


That would be SUNDAY MAY 7th, actually.

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Honestly, no. Cleaning jobs have a satisfaction quotient when the work is completed that intellectual jobs almost never do. Don’t underestimate that. Your job is never done, never quite good enough. That’s a level of stress that is very real.


FWIW, I’m sure we all think of ourselves as weird here, but having spent dinner and a concert with you (and other Mutants) I can report that you are much more engaging and interesting than you realize.

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Awww, thanks!

But I’m still weird.

I embrace my weirdness.

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