Here's the schedule for my 25-city US-Canada Walkaway tour!


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I’ll have to try and make it down in June.

The problem with being a largely eBook reader is that its so hard to have the author sign them.


Not coming to the fifth largest city in the country?


After writing that piece about how great Minnesota is, you’re still going to skip us? Not to worry - we’re used to it.


Believe me, I’d like to come to EVERY city – one of the metrics is whether I’ve been to a city before and how the event went. My last event in Mpls was great, but smallish; my publisher is trying to figure out how to get biggest bang for the buck, and as you can imagine, there’s a lot of variables, including, e.g., whether I can get on a plane and get from city A to city C if city B is in the middle and there’s less than a day between cities…


Understood. If you mean 2014, I was there. It was a pretty small crowd, and could have been publicized much better, I thought.

By the way, you were in St. Paul, not Minneapolis. A common mistake. ; )


I’m not sure which city you’re referring to (Wikipedia has three different pages, which are totally different besides sharing Toronto and Montreal as the top 2).

I’m disappointed to not see Ottawa on the list. I guess I have to decide if it’s worth making the drive to T.O…




Bring along this baby! Should make short work of your plastic reader.


Sorry about that - not my call alas (I do get to Ottawa approximately annually, though!)


I agree – there’s lots of reasons the crowds can be small, but the selection process, again, is multifactorial, comprising issues as varied as the raw travel logistics (some events are date-constrained), the in-town booksellers’ recent and historical track records for bringing in a crowd, previous performance for that author in that town, etc.

But I sincerely thank you for coming! Small as that event was, I remember it VERY fondly!


Talk about small signing events – I remember small!

I’m gonna try to make the first Chicago stop; don’t forget to make your MP3 needs known at least 24 hours in advance – I was able to provide smack for your Zee Avi jones back in 2012, but it was too close a shave by half ; -)


I think that we need to get some vans and make some LSD, so we can follow him around like the Grateful Dead.


Well, I’ve got a van down by the river that we can use. If you can convince someone to change their name to Owsley, we’ll be good to go!

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