Tour schedule for XKCD "What If?" book


Yaay Book tour! I’m already preordered! Let me check to see when he’ll be in the midwest/Chicago area… Oh.

The midwest is very neglected in the geek & intellectual circuit.

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The flyover area is flyover…?

I think it is historically neglected, but since the context is given, we must be circumspect to the aforementioned details.

…checks for mouseover text, is disappointed…

…checks for mouseover text on blog, is still disappointed…

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Population density probably doesn’t help. There are certainly concentrations of civilization within the Central Corn Sector; but not to the same degree as the coasts.

Thank you for actually linking to the schedule.

Also, we don’t say SFO unless we’re talking about the airport.

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FWIW, my tours generally start off in ORD and include several days of school visits followed by events in town as well as Napierville, etc, and often go on to Milwaukee from there.

I recall a few years ago you were the guest for ICON, I think it was, and, for a really reasonable sum, a person could get sponsorship level for the Con, which included meeting the featured guest. Unfortunately between the announcement of the guest and the opening of registration, I forgot about the matter until it was too late. I was kicking myself on that, knowing that chances of seeing any author even in this general area, let alone within normal daily commute, and let alone one that I respect as much as you, well… I was not happy with myself that day.

A link to the actual announcement was missing:

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