HOW TO: XKCD's Randall Munroe finds the humor in taking silly questions very, very seriously

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Randall Munroe is a national treasure. :star_struck:


Do I really need another book?..sigh…throw it on the pile. (I did really enjoy what if, I’ve heard about the lava moat twice now. What else is that book hiding? Or is it all just lava moat…)


Would that be a bad thing? :wink:


I hope he tours again soon. Getting to NYC for the middle of the week is just a little too inconvenient.

I look forward to reading the book someday, but I haven’t even touched Ryan North’s “How To Invent Everything”, so I can wait a bit.

On that note, the winners of his Book Tour Contest appeared on his blog blag recently.


I bought that today.

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Does he have some kind of sociopolitical/religious/personal thing against southern states? There are some people living in the areas closer to the equator, including the inhabitants of 6 the country’s 10 largest cities. Los Angeles is included in his tour, but that’s only 1 of the 6. There are people who could buy tickets in places like Atlanta and Houston and Phoenix. I know they are there - I’ve seen them.

August in the southern states…

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…and for when you really don’t get his latest strip:

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I’d forgotten this was coming out around now. Wil Wheaton is doing the audiobook version (he also read the older book). That’s my next book to listen to on the train sorted.


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