Wall shelf converts into desk

I was referring to the underside of the tilt-up surface I was going to build, not this one. The shelves always staying horizontal in this is a very cool feature though.

Living aboard sure teaches valuable lessons.
These days I see any space near ceilings and I think of netting to stow light gear.
Also, everything has it’s home. You start leaving things out and shit gets inconvenient crazy quick!


This is really nice. I had thought of having bookshelves in a staircase, and having a greenhouse instead of tiles on the roof, but I never thought of this. However, if I had, I would have to have built one; this way I know this can be done but don’t get covered in sawdust. Yay.

Looking at the desk I am working at now, it effectively has three zones: the front (laptop, pens & paper, phone), middle (coffee cup, notepads, books I am working with), and back (power strip, lamp, less commonly used items). If you had a small, raised edge between each section, you would probably not stick items across the joins as they would not lie flat. For very dense living, you could mount this in front of a window to give light when it is a desk, and fill a space that cannot be used for anything else at nights. I would want a comfy chair if I was gong to sit in it all day, but that could just push under the shelves.

My whoever invented this (and I suspect it may have been invented several times) bask in righteous smugness all their days.


I know what you meant, but sometimes being literal is more fun…



Which is a totally valid point if you have the space for it. Many, many people don’t.

I want to imagine that should you ever move into, say, one of those high-ceilinged Berlin apartments you will install one of those chain systems that miners used to hoist their personal belongings and clothing aloft for storage while they work.


Not a new thing. I’ve seen shelf/desks and bed/desks as well as Murphy beds. This is a nice example, though

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